As you will be aware, one of the greatest needs we have in church life today is finding ways to stimulate and promote spiritual growth and passion for Jesus in the lives of Christian Men. While some of our church programmes connect well with ladies, they can sometimes leave men unsure where they fit.”

Christian men are hungry to meet with other guys who struggle in their faith and are also wondering about their place and ministry in God’s world and Kingdom.

MMC- Vic 2013 will be a simple free overnight farm camp/gathering at Ecklin South on Saturday 25th – Sunday 26th of May 2013.

Purpose of Mighty Mens Conference (MMC)

Regional Gatherings” run from Saturday lunch to Sunday Lunch, a shorter window that most men can manage. We desire to encourage hope and to build faith in rural men providing a breather for fellowship, encouragement and a fresh perspective to become all that God intended for them. Regional Gatherings are free but require an RSVP, we hope you can come.

Regular blokes, simple worship, the message of the Gospel and testimonies from the heart about our amazing God!

Please RSVP for the Ecklin South Regional Gathering via the following form by Tuesday, 21st May.

For Example Name: James Brown, Email:jamesbrown@example.com, Regional Gathering Location: Ecklin South, Name  and Town of each person you are RSVP’ing for: James Brown – Geelong, Frank Heathcott – Melbourne etc

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Download Information Sheet (Including accommodation details, program, what to bring, contact details and other helpful information.



The conference may be captured in both photographs and video. We may use this material for promotional purposes. While we seek to honour the published Conference program, it may be necessary to make changes without notice.

While we seek to honour our advertised program, we ask for freedom to re-direct as necessary.

Dietary and Health Requirements: Please note that we may not be able to fully cater for specific dietary or health issues but please email trevor@geelongcitrus.com to discuss this further.