Mighty Men’s Conferences Australia

As you will be aware, one of the greatest needs we have in church life today is finding ways to stimulate and promote spiritual growth and passion for Jesus in the lives of Christian Men. While many of our church programmes connect well with ladies, they leave men disinterested and bored.



In 2004 a young family arrived in Australia from Zimbabwe and started attending the church where Craig Lydon Pastors. It was not long before their parents, Peter & Nan Goosen came to visit from Zimbabwe. Craig and Peter became fast friends. Peter was also one Angus Buchan’s closest friends and armour bearer for many of his events. Peter often spoke to Craig about having Angus Buchan come to speak to the men in West Australia. In 2006, Mac Forsyth a Rural Pastor in the Geraldton area wrote to Angus Buchan requesting that he come to Australia to encourage the farmers in his district. Angus, knowing that Peter had contacts in Australia asked him to investigate, and in May of 2007 Angus did regional visits to Wagin, Geraldton & also spoke in Joondalup in West Australia. We could see that Angus had a message for the heart of men.

A few of us got together 2008 and arranged the first MMC-WA event for February. Our heart was to:

“Gather men in a simple setting for fellowship, worship and spiritual encouragement”

Even though the event has grown considerably over the years, this value has permeated everything we do. It has been about faith building sessions, camp fire discussions, an uncluttered venue, simple wholesome meals, opportunity for fellowship with other blokes.

While much of what we have done up until this point has been build around Angus, we have sensed from God that we now need to start taking responsibility for the ministry to men locally. Over the years we have built up relationships with men all over Australia that share a heart to serve God where they are and they have initiated ministry where they are also.

We are not wanting to build a movement, or an organisation, rather a network of relationships to encourage men to minister; where they are, with what they have, out of who they are.

This is the real ministry, not the event. Christian men becoming all that God intended them to be where he has placed them.